Must B 21
Released   -   September 23, 2003
Length   -   48:37
Label   -   Interscope Records

Must B 21 is the second solo album from It was released in 2003.

Track ListEdit

  1. "Take It" feat. KRS-One
  2. "Nah Mean" feat. Phife
  3. "B Boyz" feat. MC Supernatural
  4. "Here 2 Party" feat. Flii, Planet Asia, Kron Don
  5. "Bomb Bomb (Interlude)"
  6. "Bomb Bomb" feat. MC Supernatural
  7. "Swing By My Way" feat. John Legend
  8. "It's Okay" feat. Triple Seven & Dante Santiago
  9. "Mash Out" (Interlude)
  10. "Mash Out" feat. MC Lyte & Fergie
  11. "Ride Ride" feat. John Legend
  12. "Sumthin' Special" feat. Niu, Dante Santiago, & Taboo
  13. "Sumthin' Special (Interlude)"
  14. "I'm Ready (Y'all Ain't Ready For This)" feat. Phil Da Agony, Tash, & MC Supernatural
  15. "We Got Chu" feat. Planet Asia & Flii
  16. "Go!" (Interlude)
  17. "Go!"

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